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Good morning, y'all-- am sorry the community has been quiet. RL and all that...but here's some nice new stuff. :)

Don't know how many of you follow the message board at, but on April 30th Matthew posted an update from Burbank, California regarding the new album he's recording, "Regret Over the Wires". All right, how much do I love this man? Besides being a brilliant musician, turns out he's snarky and funny, too:

well, 'regret over the wires' is mixed. can't really describe it to you. it's as if all the syllables and noise i've stretched for in the past gave up the ghost. i'm sure and hopeful. this record burns. i played it for a dear friend the other night. we were driving through hollywood in a sharp but sterile black rental. never inclined to push myself on anyone he had to ask to hear it. i said,'only if you put it in, it's the first one in the case. but hold on, we got get ouuta hollywood to listen. nothing sounds good here.' so we did. we eventually found the 5 and headed north. dark hills and swarms of light blurred by. the music played. i hated every moment of it. felt a bit like i was looking in the mirror for 50 minutes with someone standing next to me only to evaluate how i was looking from minute to minute. anyway, after the record ended i could feel that he liked it. i just smiled. he said, "fuck, it's like pornography meets london calling meets woody guthrie meets shit!" i didn't know how to take the last description. we went for a drink. why tell this story? cause i needed to hear that. i needed to relive that. you see, after you finish a record you realize , 'shit, people are gonna hear this. and as i've learned, that's if you're lucky.' i'll probably need to relive that moment again down the line. but right now i'm high on the sense that i've said and done exactly what i intended. this record is a watermark in my own growth. it's violent and beautiful with in seconds of eachother. it's romantic and dark. industrial and natural. it's hopeful in a truly informed and conflicted desire. i can't wait for it to exist outside of myself. i've written literally 50 or 60 songs for this record. the carving of this record down to something manageable took longer than it did to record it. i had to come to where my head was. does that make any sense? anyway, here are the selections as sequenced as of today:

i know why the caged bird sings
trouble doll
the little things
long blvd.
i can't steal you
come home
i hope your god has mercy on mine
every good thing
return to me

so there it is. at least the words. none of these are versions that you may have heard. the band on this record is the most natural thing i've experienced. really connected, really burns. ah fuck, i can't believe this. it feels like i'm hyping this. the record really sucks. the truth is i went chasing the white stripes ambulance. the whole record is me and a sexy tuba player through a fucking distortion pedal recorded directly to acetate. very limited edition. there's only one copy. very arty. very now and wow.

FYI concussion was released in the UK tuesday. i'm calling it
concussion 2 - the headache continues
happiness. will follow in the next couple of months
(only in the UK for now) however, we may try to figure
out a way to do an added value double cd for "regret over
the wires" that includes happiness.
it looks like a london show is likely in june with a
full on tour later in the summer.

on a cynical note.....the site as been so active as of late i can only imagine the flurry of posts this message will unleash. are you guys all hanging out at the john mayer site nowadays? that's cool. i understand. but i'll remember this!!!!!!! te hehe.....oh yes, i've got a mind like a steel trap.

One reply to this thread was posted by a lady named Sandy. On May 4th she wrote:

This certainly is great news to read. I, too, am anxiously waiting to hear the new songs and the band. A couple of the song titles are very intriguing to me...thanks for the update, Matthew. Do you have a tentative release date yet? Oh, and just wondering...have you followed the latest trend, ala Madonna, Britney, and Christina? They've all done it, so have you done it too....that is, change your hair color??? (Yes, I think I've definitely been watching way too much Entertainment Tonight and E! recently....)

To which Matthew replied:

how did you know? truth be told i did more than dye my hair. i brushed my teeth. i'm going for the whole abused sex kitten trip for this record. short skirts, fake dirty piercings, vacant wounded stares. "buy me," i'll whisper secuctively. which will sound like, "bi-me." very risky, i know, to try and shed my good girl image. but i'm 20 years old now. i'm a woman. let me be a woman. i have womanly desires and needs and problems. i'm taking control of my career. i've co-written all the songs this record. my producer/manager/A&R guy/boyfriend tells me that i have a way with conjunctions.

*dies laughing*

All right. Who else is all for Abused!Sexkitten!Matthew? Raise your hands! ;)
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